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Zola Coconut Water

I was a bit leery when I tried this product…normally the only way I drink coconut water is straight from the coconut, most packaged waters we a bit sweet and the pulp…ugh don’t even get me started on the pulp!!!  Zola’s coconut water was different…..there were two options with pulp and pulp free…, of course, I started with the pulp free.  It was quite refreshing, light, and not too sweet, actually tasted like when I buy a coconut and chop the top off!!!!  I truly enjoyed it and had to fight off my 9 year old to finish the can, that is the only problem, it comes in a can L  It was a large can and not resealable for later……now on to the pulp can.  The product was the same, great flavor and surprisingly the “pulp” was actually pieces of coconut, not slimy pulpy things!!  I definitely have to say I would recommend and purchase Zola Coconut Water (I’d buy it more in a resealable container LOL)

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